Telescope suppliers

You do not need to own astronomical equipment to belong to Cape Centre,  nor do you have to be a seasoned observer. All you need is an interest in the night sky and the universe out there.

However, some of our members and others sometimes ask us for some advice on buying a telescope or ask where they can buy one.

Here are a number of suppliers of telescopes and other astronomical equipment in Cape Town:

Noyes Photo Chemist
Cnr Main Rd and Mains Ave
021 761 5701/3

Cape Union Mart
Range of small telescopes at various branches in the major shopping centres

Many camera shops are now stocking a few small telescopes.

Online suppliers

For online shopping see:

How to choose a telescope

The Sky Guide  published by the Astronomical Society of Southern Africa in cooperation with Struik offers some practical advice on choosing the right telescope.
In addition, you could have a look at


Please note that the Cape Centre of ASSA doesn’t endorse any of the telescope suppliers mentioned above and cannot guarantee the quality of telescopes or services rendered.